Everything About Vacation With The Dog

It is plenty of vacation time and of course, we look forward to traveling. And what could be sweeter than a vacation? Holiday with your dog of course!


Many of the preparations will depend on the holiday destination you choose. This way, every country has its own import and transport rules. Did you know, for example, that it is mandatory in Germany to transport dogs in a seat belt? Certain vaccinations are also compulsory. Your veterinarian can tell you more about this. The way of traveling also makes a big difference. Are you taking the car or the plane?

In different countries (for example, France and Germany), rules apply to dogs of certain breeds and sizes. This can mean that you have to keep your dog on a lead, have a muzzle and for some breeds that they cannot even keep up with it.

Of course your animal has been chipped for a long time; Did you know that this is now mandatory in all EU countries? Check with your veterinarian whether the passport is correct. It is advisable to attach a second one with your holiday address and telephone number to your dog’s harness or collar in addition to your regular medal.

Of course you choose a holiday address where dogs are welcome, but there may also be certain rules locally. For example, find out if there are loose areas or if there are areas full of game. The latter is not useful if you have a dog with a great hunting instinct.

The Journey Itself

Most owners who go on holiday with their dog will opt for a car holiday. Do you know how your dog reacts to long car journeys? Try to get your animal used to this in advance. A trip with a dog that is not comfortable with driving can be a long drive …

Make sure your dog does not have to go into the car with a full stomach and start one or two weeks in advance with Maag Compositum if you know your dog has a sensitive stomach has.

It is healthy for yourself and necessary for your dog to pause every two to three hours and stretch your legs and be able to pee.

Never leave your dog alone in the car! Also not momentarily or with the windows open. Every year people think they can do a message with the dog in the car and every year dogs die as a result. Take no risk and do not do this !!

Depending on how long the journey takes your dog can use some distraction. Small chew bones can be better avoided in the car because of the risk of choking, but larger chew material is possibly an option. If there are several people who do not have to drive a car, it is even an option to do a small brain job.

Ticks And Diseases

In addition to compulsory vaccinations, it may be a good idea in some countries to provide additional protection for your dog against certain diseases. Consider, for example, the Mediterranean region. Certain ticks and mosquitoes occur here that can transmit nasty diseases (such as leishmania and ehrlichia ). Consult with your veterinarian whether it is necessary to protect your dog against this