How Café Blinds Spruce Your Home Living

cafe blinds

There are many types of curtains and blinds in Adelaide. In different parts of the world, they may have slightly different names, but the common design element remains the same. Café blinds, sometimes referred to as bistro, alfresco, patio or pergola shades that border your patio or alfresco space. As the name suggests, they are suitable for indoor rooms and outdoor areas like casual dining spaces.

The primary benefits of café blinds or any other for that matter, is in blocking damaging UV rays from entering your home. Especially in countries like Australia, where the sun is very strong and where UV rays are the primary cause of skin cancer. Ultraviolet radiation is also responsible for bad sunburns and tanning.


Café blinds are extremely affordable, and custom fitting shades can be made to fit your desired window. Because of how robust they can be, shades are available in many different colours, shades, tints, textures and fabrics to match your personal tastes. The only limit is in your creativity. Interior decorators love choosing café blinds because of the style and functionality they bring. Wooden materials can be chosen which are very robust and sturdy. Other synthetic materials like polyester fabric can also be incredibly robust and rip resistant. Because screens are constantly exposed to the sun, fire-retardant fabrics are available, that even come with thin coatings to prolong its longevity. This makes them very slick and easy to clean should excessive dust build up, or other discolouration occur. Because these materials are flexible, these can easily roll up or fold to reduce space, neatly folding away in a tray or cylinder at the top of the window sill, ceiling or similar storage area. Compared to other shade options, they are very easy to maintain.


Because café blinds can be drawn shut, they create a wall of privacy like closing a door would. If you live on a busy street, or your if your external window is prone to frequent foot traffic during certain hours, drawing your café shades shut will avoid those awkward scenarios where strangers stare into your house.

Other designs feature slats that can be angled at different degrees. This allows the sunlight to be directed away to eliminate glare. At the same time, the level of light entering a given room can be adjusted to suit ideal ambience. Natural light will remove artificial light reducing electricity costs. Properly orientating the direction of this light will avoid distraction. Keep in mind that this may also heat up the room. With that being said, café blinds create an extra layer of insulation in the house, reducing the level of unwanted heat in your home in the summer, but retaining that sunlight heat in the winter. This too reduces energy costs and in turn decreases carbon dioxide emissions. All in all, café blinds are significantly more versatile than traditional curtains.


Whilst many associate café blinds with the use of windows, they can even be hinged together to act as a room divider. Many decorative summer houses now feature them across door frames to allow light to flow to other areas. Of course, the slits can also be wound tightly shut for privacy. Modern sophisticated shutters even have electrical components, so they can be adjusted without the use of the old-fashioned draw strings. To avoid tangling, band prefer to use looped cords that rotate using pulleys. Others have a twist mechanism allowing you to fine tune the degree.

Mounting shades are also incredible easy. Simply measure the length and accurately secure the frame into position using a spirit level so it remains flush with the skirting. Whether they be vertical or horizontal shades, café blinds are fantastic solution for sprucing up your home living.