Why Investing in Commercial Solar Systems is the Smart 2020 Move

solar panels

Businesses that are sitting on the fence about a switch to commercial solar systems are best placed to act now in 2020.

These installations provide an unmatched level of long-term viability and cost savings that should be embraced.

If this is the year to make smart investment decisions, then why not take stock of commercial solar and all of its intrinsic benefits?


Self Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

While organisations do not like to ponder too long on the thought, so much of their success or failure is dependent on access through the public power grid. Should that falter or become compromised due to an extreme weather event or a technical glitch, their entire operation will screech to a halt. Once they switch to commercial solar, these same brands will be able to act as though business is usual even if these problems emerge. The panels will be there and operating on location 7 days of the week and 365 days of the year. That level of independence and self-sustainability is impossible to ignore, particularly for those companies who have been impacted by power outages in the past.


Better Operational Performance

When compared against their older electrical counterparts, commercial solar systems win out every time for performance. This is a technology that has been around for a number of decades, but in 2020 it has reached a level of innovation and technical proficiency that is unmatched in the market. Each solar sell is protected, offering a durable resource that will perform regardless of exposure to rain, wind or extreme heat. The warranty agreements alone can venture upwards of 25 years, illustrating that they enjoy a long lifespan well beyond their initial installation on site.


Lower Utility Costs

Commercial solar systems require less energy production for the same level of output for constituents. That is a process that saves on the bottom line for businesses who are looking at all departments to keep cash in their back pocket rather than forking out for unnecessary expenses. Other homes and commercial enterprises who stick with a traditional electric model will be paying extensively for the consumption of energy, remaining loyal to a technology that is quickly becoming outdated from a financial perspective.


Leveraging Public Tax Schemes

The common talking point that will try and dismiss the notion of installing commercial solar systems is paying for the installation of the product. What these same voices will try and overlook is the tax benefits that are available for businesses who make the transition. Extra energy that is stored through these models will be up for sale from the public grid, ensuring that the entire process will be viable for all parties. Governments at all levels understand that they are experiencing a strain on their infrastructure, so utilising more outlets will help their cause as well as enticing other companies to get involved.


Going Green in 2020

Even from the perspective of enhancing the brand image, a switch to commercial solar systems will be beneficial. The notion of ‘going green in 2020’ already has a great appeal for those stakeholders who want to associate themselves with an environmentally-conscious organisation. Individuals are more aware of the need to lower their carbon footprint and if they are able to do business with outlets who adhere to these same principles, they will be empowered to invest in the enterprise.


Yes there is a financial commitment required to make the transition to commercial solar systems. However, the end results speak for themselves. This is a program that offers benefits on a micro and macro level for domestic clients, ensuring they can operate with more energy for longer periods before they even take advantage of financial schemes that helps the bottom line.